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Heat Resource


Premium Oak Hardwood Pellets are made only
from pure oak wood solids, without bark or fillers


Environmentally Friendly
100% Natural Hardwood
Always Consistent Quality
Renewable Energy Source
Easy to Store and Use
Clean Burning


Why Burn Wood Pellets?

Good Value – Although fuel costs are always changing, wood pellets are less expensive than most fossil fuels, such as oil, kerosene, and gas.  Money spent on most fossil fuels ends up overseas. But, when you buy American made Heat Resource Premium Oak Hardwood Pellets, the money you spend on heating is recycled back into the domestic economy. Speaking of recycling…

Clean & Green –  Wood is a renewable energy source, because the carbon dioxide emitted when wood fuels are burned was taken out of the atmosphere by the growing plant.
Replacing fossil fuels with Heat Resource Premium Oak Hardwood Pellets can typically reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90% or more.

ConvenienceHeat Resource Premium Oak Hardwood Pellets are compressed, so they take up less space then other forms of wood fuel, in convenient 40-pound or 28.6 -pound bags. Heat Resource Premium Oak Hardwood Pellets are smooth and uniform, so they easily “flow” in automated fuel handling systems.

Tested & CertifiedHeat Resource Premium Oak Hardwood Pellets meet or exceed the standards for premium quality pellet fuel, as specified by the pellet fuels institute for the following characteristics:

Density – consistent hardness and energy content (minimum 40lbs./cu. ft.)
– to assure predictable, jam proof fuel flow (maximum 1 – 1/2″ length and 1/4″ – 5/16″ diameter)
– minimal dust from pellet breakdown while loading and during stove operation(no more than 0.50% by weight)
– limited salt content to avoid rust and corrosion of stove and vent (no more than 300 parts per million)
– an important factor in estimating maintenance frequency (no more than 0.50%)


See our test results to see the quality of Heat Resource Premium Oak Hardwood Pellets.

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